About Walletallin

Our platform is a compliance and risk management software for crypto exchange and e-money institutions. Our team has a lot of experience and knowledge in the fintech industry. We specialize in technology, payments,
compliance, risk and cryptocurrency. In addition to the software solutions we offer, you will also benefit from having
a team of professionals on your side to assist you with the Right support you need in the initial steps which will
ultimately help you achieve your business goals!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a complete solution for Financial institutions

What do we offer ?

  • Compliance and risk management software
  • The ultimate Compliance platform
  • Crypto wallet services (WL as well)
  • We provide white label Compliance & Risk platform for e-money institutions & crypto exchange companies
  • We assist companies in obtaining their crypto exchange licenses and compliance team
  • We offer white label Payment gateway platform & services
  • In each product we can adjust the systems to match with your desired needs / requirements & regulation Excellent support in every step of the way!
Our Team

Walletallin team is composed of:

  • Compliance and risk management for crypto exchange and e-money institutions

    Compliance and risk management software for crypto exchange and e-money institutions

  • The founders: WALLETALLIN was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs who saw the potential of blockchain and crypto to revolutionize the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. They have a strong background in fintech, e-commerce and software development, and are responsible for setting the vision, strategy and direction of the company.


  • The developers: WALLETALLIN developers are skilled programmers who create, maintain and improve the WALLETALLIN Compliance and risk management software for crypto exchanges. They use cutting-edge technologies and tools to ensure that WALLETALLIN products are fast, secure, scalable and user-friendly. They also work closely with the security team to implement the best practices and standards for protecting the users’ funds and data.


  • Th security team: WALLETALLIN security team is composed of experts in cryptography, network security, cyber defence and risk management. They monitor, test and audit the WALLETALLIN system and app to prevent any unauthorized access, hacking or fraud. They also educate the users on how to keep their wallets safe and secure.


  • The finance team: WALLETALLIN finance team is responsible for managing the company’s finances, accounting, compliance and reporting. They also handle the transactions, conversions and exchanges of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on the WALLETALLIN platform and app. They ensure that WALLETALLIN services are transparent, fair and compliant with the relevant laws and regulations.


  • The marketing team: WALLETALLIN marketing team is in charge of promoting the WALLETALLIN brand, products and services to the target audience. They use various channels and strategies to reach out to potential and existing customers, such as social media, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, PR and events. They also collect feedback and data from the users to improve the user experience and satisfaction.


  • The customer service team: WALLETALLIN customer service team is dedicated to providing the best support and assistance to the users. They are available 24/7 via email, phone or chat to answer any questions, issues or requests that the users may have. They are friendly, professional and knowledgeable about the WALLETALLIN platform and app.


  • WALLETALLIN professional team is committed to delivering high-quality crypto multicurrency services for businesses. They work together as a cohesive unit to achieve the company’s goals and mission. They are always ready to face new challenges and opportunities in the crypto industry.