Monitor your Crypto Transaction

Compliance Platform for Crypto and Finance

Monitor and Control Crypto Transactions

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Discover the power of our robust Compliance and Monitoring solution, meticulously designed to guide your Crypto Exchange within regulatory frameworks.  We ensure your operational excellence in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape With real-time transaction monitoring, strict adherence to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols.

White Labelling: Businesses can use our software to create their own branded compliance platform. This means they can maintain their brand identity while offering robust compliance solutions to their clients.

Compliance Reporting Tools

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Comprehensive reporting functionalities in the context of a Compliance and AML solution for a Crypto Exchange encompass  a range of features and tools designed to provide detailed insights and facilitate efficient monitoring


Customizable Features: From KYC/AML procedures to transaction monitoring and reporting, businesses can customize the features of their compliance platform according to their specific requirements.

Customised and Tailored Solutions

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Tailored Solutions: Our compliance software is customizable to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of e-money institutions and crypto exchanges.  We understand that each business has unique compliance needs, and our software can be tailored accordingly.

Flexible Design: Our software allows for flexibility in design, enabling businesses to create a platform that aligns with their branding and user experience preferences.

Ready Made Compliance Software

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Ready-Made: Our software comes ready-made, eliminating the need for businesses to develop their compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) solutions from scratch. This saves time, resources, and ensures quick deployment.


Functionality: Businesses can choose the functionality they need for their compliance platform, ensuring it meets both regulatory standards and their operational needs.

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